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V. Sandhya has been cooking food for yogis since 1998 and was inspired to cater her traditional recipes to fit in with the yogic lifestyle.

While this book is dedicated to my yoga, it is also dedicated to my guruji, Sr K. Pattabhi Jois, his wife Amma, along with the whole Jois family and my own father and mother.

I am grateful in particular to Amma and my mother for imparting their knowledge of traditional Mysore cooking, as well as nutrition.

Special thanks also go out to my son Kiran and my daughter in law Neetu. I also would like to thank all the yoga students from around the world who have been coming to eat at my place for many years and have paid me so many compliments by returning again and again.

Finally I have been able to put my long kept recipes in book form so that a little of Mysore can be taken home to each country.

V. Sandhya
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